Space Hockey

(Early 2013)

Space Hockey is a simple 2D game simulation of physical table hockey game, but with a few twists. Freely available and space-themed, fast and fun, with not too much fiddle takes you straight into the action. Perfect for old computers, requires no installation, can be played on Windows, OSX, Linux, and through the web browser.

The game was designed to be simple to make, and relatively fun to play. You play against the computer AI on one randomly generated stage. This game as made in 3 days - idea to finish. It was mostly made to be an AI and physics experiment.


Feature #1: Camping prevention. If the player is in the marked zone, Active Guard timer is ticking. Active guard is allowed only for 2 seconds or it calls for a 2-sec-violation (like in basketball), that resets the player on the middle of the screen.

Feature #2: Instead of slowing down, the main idea is that the puck gains velocity and energy with every touch, up to a certain point. The ball is un-stuck-able ball with carefully controlled speed.

Feature #3: Ability to speed up the player (hold "Shift").

Feature #4: 4 Backgrounds. 3 Table border colors. Chosen at random at startup.





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