Dialogical has finally been approved in the asset store.


The best way to make a reusable piece of sotware is to make it do one thing, make it do that one thing well, and make sure it plays nicely with all other software in order to be combinable into bigger pieces. This is somewhat of an unknown to unity developers, as the Asset Store is flooded with bloated systems that are made to work in only specific ways. It is easy to make a thing work - it is harder to make it work with everything else.

Realizing this, I found it an interesting challenge and an oportunity to create something that would confirm to my own standards of quality, usability and style. A dialogue management system is deceptively simple - however, there's serialization, crossing the UI / code boundary, data that must remain valid through upodates, usability and workflow questions.

In the end I beleive Dialogical is a superb product - and one that deserves more attention. But the situation is - the kids that browse the asset store will continue to count the amount of likes and times of the latest update.