The project is coming up nicely. For now I posted a simple video on youtube of the games integrated tutorial. Take a look, choose HD.



In the tut ship control is simulated via script. That makes it possible to add AI control to player ship - fake coop. I'm thinking about including it.  What do you think? Now for some info about the game itself and the project: The base coding is mostly done.

That means:

  • Game mechanics for 1 or 2 players
  • Controls for two independent players on KB or Gamepad.
  • Main menu functions. Options screen, ship choosing, scoreboard etc.
  • HUD design and logic.
  • Player and enemy states and logic.
  • Saving data to disk and of options to registry.
  • Etc. I will update with my progress, and share some interesting tricks when I start getting closer to real builds.