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(Mid 2016)

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Program transforms a series of file paths piped in, one file path per line, into a tree structure, similar to what would Windows' tree command create.


Intent and purpose:

The intent of the software was to make a small command line utility that would transform the output of hg status command from a list of filenames into a tree view. It would properly support file status attributes reported from Mercurial. Also, it is intended to give option for colorized output, which is displayed with an external utility(cmdcolor,

There are possibly other uses for such a tool, so it is configurable to some degree.



Program does not sanitize the paths, provide paths in Windows-style (backslash '\' instead of slash '/'), and remove any double path slashes. Program assumes the last item in the path is a file, not a folder. This is visible in test data example. Options can be specified either Windows or Unix style.

  • Use options -t for Test data.
  • Use option -s to properly display Status flags from hg status commands.
  • Use option -c to allow Color output, which you must pipe to cmdcolor.exe, as here:
  • Use option -i to print tree with Invisible branches, useful if you like the 'light' view or don't support unicode.
  • Use option -l to print Large tree, a tree with spaces between folders.


How do I use it?

  • Place the .exe some where on your %PATH%.
  • Pipe in input lines, one line per file.
  • Use any switches, described in Details section.


> hg status
? asd\gfgfdg\asdasd\asdasd\ghfg.txt
? asd\gfgfdg\asdasd\erert.txt
? asd\gfgfdg\ggdfg.txt
? asd\gfgfdg\ghfh.txt


> hg status | PathToTree /c /s | cmdcolor            
 └─┬ gfgfdg                                          
   │  ? ggdfg.txt                                    
   │  ? ghfh.txt                                     
   └─┬ asdasd                                        
     │  ? erert.txt                                  
     └── asdasd                                      
          ? ghfg.txt                                 





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