ES Flow: gitHubFlow for Game Development

Posted by SirGru on Aug 13, 2016.

In software development much has been said about the use of a standardized source control workflow. As in all things software-related, we are looking for established best practices and ways to improve our daily work. I will show the workflow we are experimenting with currently, which is heavily based on gitHubFlow.

Intermediate Advanced Mercurial tips: Game Development perspective

Posted by SirGru on Aug 12, 2016.

There are many resources online about working with Source Control and Mercurial, but few focus on more intermediate tips and working teaching good practices and shortcuts. This is my comprehensive tutorial giving you all my best tips and tricks when working with Hg, with some focus on game development environment.

Published Path To Tree command line program and public source

Posted by SirGru on Aug 05, 2016.

I have created a new program called PathToTree, open sourced on Bitbucket. Program transforms a series of file paths piped in, one file path per line, into a tree structure, similar to what would Windows' tree command create. The intent of the software was to make a small command line utility that would transform the output of hg status command from a list of filenames into a tree view.

Avoiding Memory allocation for strings

Posted by SirGru on Mar 07, 2016.

Demonstration of a pattern for avoiding memory allocation in string arrays. Useful for health bars, damage displays on screen.

How to set up Source Tree with Code Compare and Unity Yaml

Posted by SirGru on Nov 25, 2015.

Today’s article is going to be about a complicated topic that often gets overlooked in Game Development: Source Control. We will focus on my favorite tools: Unity Engine, Mercurial (Distributed Version Control System), SourceTree (as GUI for Mercurial) and CodeCompare (as external tool to merge files). Some of these combinations are not really well documented, so rather than rehashing documentation on my blog I will post my solution which I believe is optimal and unique.

Steam Cards Support

Posted by SirGru on Nov 23, 2014.

Hi shmup fans and friends, Psichodelya now has support for Steam Trading Cards. Thank you for your continued support. We hope you enjoy the cards. - Gru

Psichodelya Launched on Steam on 8.08.2014

Posted by SirGru on Sep 07, 2014.

Psichodelya has been published on Steam. 8.08.2014

Steam Logo

With pride and happiness I would like to announce the release of our game Psichodelya. I am very excited about the release, for such a small indie project being featured on Steam is an overwhelming success. The journey was, as you can imagine, a very rocky one, but in the end we made it alive and well. You may notice the date of this article is quite a bit older then the date of the release. In fact, it's almost a month late. Why? The reason is...

Team expansion

Posted by SirGru on May 02, 2014.

Two new team members have joined the team, stronger then ever.

Demo Information

Posted by SirGru on Feb 26, 2014.

A fault in the Demo version.

News Update

Posted by SirGru on Jan 19, 2014.

New levels, new design, new enemy models and gameplay improvements. More inside.

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