Why make such a thing and publish it?

Well, it's an easy script - it's just one file. There are assets out there that charge for this stuff, and it's too simple to be charged for. These assets also tend to overcomplicate and try to reinvent the wheel when using portions of Unity's API will totally suffice.

But the main motivation was my disappointment with the performance of some assets I bought. After several GBs of 3D assets, I found just a couple of useful models, all of them very high poly. I started the test scene and got under 20FPS with just several of them! It was pretty frustrating to find out that my new props are almost unusable - hey would decimate performance. No wonder the presentation video for the assets was running at 10-ish FPS! 

I didn't give up and started fiddling and modifying them, classifying and optimizing. In the end after running them through my optimizers I was able to increase performance over 10 times. This is the power of knowing how things work - and not just putting them together like some 'programmers'.

Then I decided to share the tool and got nothing but praise ever since.