About Us:

Ennoble Studios is an independent game development team dedicated to creating unique, fun, intense, polished and memorable gaming experiences. We strive for values of deep gameplay that inspired us to become game developers ourselves. With vision of quality and love for creativity, through our dedication, care and insight, we are creating games that spark the imagination of gamers worldwide. We strive to create those magic moments that make gaming special and valuable. We are inspired by classics and powered by latest technology.


Our Team:

Ennoble Studios was formed by Gru in late 2012, starting work on first public game project Psichodelya. The word Ennoble is an interesting symbol for us. One meaning of the word is "Confer dignity or honour upon". The other meaning is "Give a title to someone; make someone a member of the nobility". These represent out aims for critical success on one hand and company growth on another. In the logo there is both the shield and the wings: first as a firm protector of our values and our work mindsets; the other as a symbol of creative freedom.


Ennoble Studios Values:

  • We make games that gamers want, that we choose to make and that we would want to play.
  • We strive to create games that have innovation and quality.
  • We make games for core gamers, and they appreciate our work by being passionate and giving us feedback.
  • We strive for values of deep and immersive gameplay, and we avoid gimmicks.
  • We believe game development is a holistic and challenging - but rewarding - craft.
  • We believe games are art whether they are art games or not.


Ennoble Studios Team Culture:

In Ennoble Studios we cultivate attitudes of positivity, work ethic, interpersonal respect, personal responsibility, desire for improvement, focus on the big picture, cultivating good practices and firm commitment to the project. We aim to attract people who believe in what they do, who are trustworthy and accountable and we provide a positive, productive environment. We are an agile studio with mature processes and practices. We are both strong individuals and team players dedicated to team growth.


How We Work:

Ennoble is a distributed game development studio, our members from around the globe collaborate using online software tools. The focus of team collaboration is expanding each individual's talents and skills while keeping the production in a healthy flow.


On being an indie developer:

Being an independent developer takes a lot of dedication, time and risk. But it can also be very enjoyable, if done in the right mindset. We love the technical challenge, creative freedom, freedom in decision making and direct team communication. We can play with ideas more freely and this makes innovations possible.

The game development sphere is getting more competitive and more diverse every day. The main concern of an indie team is to get noticed, so gamers can hear about our work and make a decision for themselves about the product.


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