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Ennoble Studios is a rising independent game development team dedicated to creating great games with latest technology. Our aim is to create unique, fun, intense, polished and memorable gaming experiences. Through vision of quality and love for work, dedication, care and insight we are creating games that spark the imagination of gamers worldwide. We are firm believers in desktop gaming platforms, and also in values of gameplay that we ourselves grew up with.

The word Ennoble is an interesting and rare word. One meaning of the word is "Confer dignity or honour upon". The other meaning is "Give a title to someone; make someone a member of the nobility". These represent out aims for critical and growth success. In the logo there is both the shield and the wings: first as a firm protector of our values and our work mindsets; the other as a symbol of creative freedom.

Ennoble Studios Values:

  • We make games which we choose to make and which we would want to play.
  • We make games for core gamers, and they appreciate our work.
  • Game development is a holistic, challenging but fun craft.
  • Independent studios lead the way in innovation.
  • Games are art whether they are art games or not.

Ennoble Studios Team Culture:

In Ennoble Studios we cultivate attitudes of positivity, work ethic, interpersonal respect, personal responsibility, desire for improvement, focus on the big picture, cultivating good practices and firm commitment to the project. We aim to attract people who believe in what they do, who are trustworthy and accountable and we provide a positive, productive environment. We are an agile studio with formed processes and practices. We are strong individuals and team players dedicated to team growth.


Gru: Ennoble was formed by me in early 2013, when I started work on my first public game project. It grew out of my determination to start pursuing game development as my profession and my aspirations for higher quality of life and work. With no financial support, connections in the game industry, or even a team, I embarked on a journey from a visionary to game creator...

How we work:

Ennoble is a distributed game development studio. Our members from around the globe collaborate using online software tools. The focus of team collaboration is expanding each individual's talents and skills while keeping the production in a healthy flow. The project is always tightly focused on the next steps, and team members build skill in gradual fashion. Due to the nature of collaborative online work, it means having a less stable crew than studios working in the same office, and during development it's inevitable some people come and go. In this style of work, communication and time management are critical. Ennoble has had the privilege of working with people from various countries: UK, Ukraine, Japan, Spain, US, Germany...




Latest News:
New animated Logo, refreshed branding

Check out our new animated logo here: youtu.be/FpQv_hXNYGM We have a new style and we have refreshed our branding. The look is now much more modern and mature, in line with our development.

Latest Tutorial:
DeselectAll in Hierarchy And Project Views Unity Tool

Editor tool to deselect all in Hierarchy and Project views by pressing a button (e.g. Alt + d).




On being an indie developer:

Being an independent developer takes a lot of dedication, time and risk. But it's also very enjoyable work. We love the technical challenge, creative freedom, freedom in decision making and direct team communication. Developers can play with ideas more liberally and with less pressure for time and expectations. With this, a lot of interesting things are happening and will continue to happen in the indie sphere.

What's great for us indie developers is the availability of some incredible free software tools. These tools do some heavy lifting for us and allow us to focus on making the game, instead of focusing on the tools. On the other hand, the game development sphere is getting more competitive and more diverse every day. The main concern of an indie team is to get noticed, so people can hear about their work and make a decision for themselves about the product.


If you like what you see:

Feel free to give us any amount of feedback, only through communication we are able to truly satisfy the wishes of players and hone our craft. You can do that with comments on our pages, on our forum, on social networks, or through this site's About section.

You are encouraged to write if you feel you have game development skills and would like to join the team. We're always looking to meet new talented individuals, and to get in contact with other developers.





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