Current Members:

Gojko Radonjić (aka Gru)

Founder, CEO, CTO...

I am Gru and I am the though father in Ennoble Studios. I am a holistic intellectual, using my engineering skills to bridge my reality and my imagination. For me, games are the connection between the technical and the artistic, the possible and the impossible. I enjoyed playing video games and now I enjoy making games and software. It is like being a real life wizard - creating realities from pure thought forms. I like reading books, learning useful things and improving myself. I am always exploring, trying new things, pushing new boundaries, building, dreaming, improving, optimizing... and most importantly having a good life.

In Ennoble Studios I am mostly in charge of programming and project management. Besides extensive Unity C# experience (since 2012) I have done:

  • Majors in math and physics in school.
  • Spec.Sci - Faculty Of Electrical Engineering.
  • Working experience in IT as System and Database Administrator.
  • Oracle Database Administrator for high-level clients.
  • Server OS Administration, OS scripting and Networking.
  • Working experience in Java.
  • Web development experience.
  • Interest in design and implementation of programming languages.
Past Members:

David Kopnicky

Concept and 3D Art, Game Design. (March - August 2013)

My name is David Kopnicky and at Ennoble Studios I'm responsible for visuals & style. Born in the late 70s, my childhood was blessed by the era of ZX Spectrum, the computer that started it all for me. Not long after I'd discovered computer games I started to feel a keen interest in making them. Progressing from humble beginnings of Basic, I soon went on to assembler and later on PC, Pascal and C++, all the while making steps towards CGI and digital painting, a hobby that went on to eclipse my programmer self.

I am an avid player of PC games and have chosen the platform due to the extreme flexibility it offers.

Dylan Barry

Music on Psichodelya (May - August 2013), Game Design and Project Owner on Selfie (November 2014 - March 2015)

I'm Dylan, and I'm contributing music for the game from deep in the welsh mountains. All music is made on ancient Yamaha FM synths with some banging Bangra/techno influenced beats on hammerhead. My biggest influences in games OST are Technosoft (bar none)... makers of THIS:
Thunderforce IV - Stand up Against Myself
And various bands ranging from Soundgarden to the Swans
I'm also a massive fan of Jesus Christ !
Check out my real world track here My Space .
Im also working on G.M.O.S.S.E here.
I occasionally make stuff like this game, and this game.


3D Art (May 2013 - February 2014)

I'm a 3D modeler at Ennoble Studios. I was born in Spain but currently I'm living in Osaka, Japan. Although I have been working for six years as software analyst/developer, my main hobby since 2002 is 3D design. I started with the Half-Life Engine making levels for games like Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress Classic... Nowadays I'm mostly focused on the 3D models design in high and low resolution. I'm interested in all aspects of game production.
This is my online portfolio:

Alex aka Deathrey

3D Art on Psichodelya (March - August 2014), 3D Art and Design on unannounced project (February - May 2016)

Self-taught 3D artist with a great passion for working in computer games industry. Work on multiple Steam-released games, consultation on big projects. Industry-scale coffee consumption.

  • High-Poly, Low-Poly modelling
  • Sculpting
  • Texture baking
  • Realistic and stylized texturing
  • Basic rigging and animation

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