Dialogical will soon be approved to version v1.3. This is another major release that is this time less focused on a single giant feature and more on a collection of medium and smaller features. 

  • Added grayed out options, in addition to existing disabled options. See section "Working with Node Options & Node Option"s Events".
  • UnityLegacyGUIBasic script has been updated to support disabled options.
  • All the scripts previously used only for demonstration and test scenes have been separated to a namespace Dialogical.TestEventHandlers to minimize "namespace pollution". In addition, these test scripts have been renamed corresponding to their function.
  • Parameter sets no longer require casting in handler methods. See section "Technique 4: Using Parameter Sets" for details.
  • Added "Search All Dialogues" menu option, see section with the same name for details.
  • Corrected a small bug where window wouldn't close if some other window was open.
  • Added "Search the open dialogue tree" option, see a separate section for details.
  • Added "Once per conversation" option parameter, see dialogue node options section for more info.
  • Slightly tweaked fonts and colors to further aid readability.
  • Added "Long range mode" option, see section with the same name for details.
  • Added "Reference Node", see section with same name for details.
  • Corrected bug where newer example scenes wouldn't load in some earlier versions of Unity.

The list is quite large, but most important points are:

  • Grayed out options, by user request, have been integrated. Previously grayed out options would be achieved by modifying source files, but this is no longer required. Now we support both disabled and grayed out options.
  • Search options. This is the feature I would personally want in an asset of this type and there are now 2 search options, both for a specific purpose and optimized so the navigation is very convenient.
  • "Once per conversation" node option parameter, something that would previously require considerable "housekeeping" on the user side has now been integrated as one click in the interface.
  • "Long range mode" is something that users of especially large conversation trees will be able to appreciate. The connecting of even very distant nodes should now be very convenient and quick.
  • "Reference Node"is the second most brilliant feature of Dialogical. It removes so much visual clutter and creates neat trees that always seem to flow from left to right.