It's that been some time since my last news update. Actually, that's a good thing. It means I've been busy with the game. That's right, the game looks better then ever, and is updating its art direction to become really pro. I'll be posting more news about how's and why of that, but so far here is a logo.

It shows the sci-fi direction the game is taking. After all, you will be fighting mechanized aliens... The background will probably be changed slightly, and it's curtesy of InvaderVeex on DeviantArt.

Here is the the downsampled concept art image made by our artist David Kopnicky. It represents one of in game bosses.

All models are going to be in 3D, and backgrounds are going to be 2D. Interesting things about the backgrounds is that they will be made from 3D models - and then rendered and retouched to create a 2D background. Each stage will be unique, and expect a really novel style of sci-fi setting.