Code Quality Chronicles Vol 3: A handful of practices Unity

Posted by Gru on 1 April 2018.

As the codebase grows, pains of bad practices accumulate. The fact that production gets slower with more code, is a sure sign there are abundant bad practices in the project. Eliminating all the impedance - the crud - will increase the speed to the point where production speed accumulates. Although counter-intuitive, this speedup comes from code re-use and established working pipeline.

Two Interesting Performance Characteristics in #Unity

Posted by Gru on 1 March 2018.

Recently I was working on a rebindable input system for my upcoming game Disturbancy. I've discovered many interesting properties that emerge when working with inputs and controls, but I will share one.

Unity C# Performance Comparison: 'is' vs Enum vs Virtual Call

Posted by Gru on 11 August 2017.

Recently I've had to implement a very high performance component that required treating elements of an array differently based on their type. All the elements were put into a generic list of base types, and the method operating on the elements had to behave completely differently based on the exact type. Generally, this is a typical example where polymorphic behavior should be considered, the subclasses could override a base method and do the operation themselves. This was not an option in my case for certain architectural reasons.

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